Will Yeezy’s new creative be North West?

Remember when Kim Kardashian displayed her oldest daughter’s oil painting of a mountain setting a few years back, portraying her as a happy mother? So she did it once more. This time, North West had come to see Yeezy’s offices.The creator of SKIMS recently shared the most recent drawings of her eldest daughter with followers on Instagram. The drawings included two black-eyed alien faces, which were made even stranger by 3D braids that adorned their heads and protruded from their mouths. These photos, interspersed with a series of selfies in which the little girl wore a pair of futuristic YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ, were sufficient to imply the upcoming release of a North-designed Yeezy capsule.

North undoubtedly inherited the imagination, ability, and sense of style of her parents, Kanye and Kim. She tried it in the past and wasn’t just showing off her painting abilities. The young girl has grown up immersed in fashion, music, and art and is considerably more familiar with Hollywood than many well-known celebrities. Along with her mom, aunts, and BFF Penelope Disick, she charmed paparazzi with her stylish ensembles from tutus to bag pants, Y2K outfits to gorpcore pieces at an early age.

Every change of clothing appears to have sharpened her sense of fashion to the point where, in February of last year, she made her debut as a stylist for Vogue, selecting not only her own clothes but also those of her siblings and sisters for a picture session honoring her mother Kim. The eighth season of Yeezy is unquestionably one of her most iconic moments. On that occasion, North scaled the catwalk to perform a 2-minute rhyme for the audience, displaying the ease of a seasoned performer.

North West is currently practicing as an it gal while we wait to learn if she will join the family business in the upcoming months. In fact, even at the age of nine, she consistently steals the spotlight from her mother whenever they go out. The most recent instance occurred during Parsi Fashion Week.Each new release provided an opportunity to flaunt a different ensemble: Kanye West’s first brand, Pastelle, wore a blue varsity jacket with black pants and Crocs clogs; she wore also a Jean Paul Gaultier vest, an asymmetrical pleated skirt, a shirt, a tie, and combat boots, all accessorized with nose piercings and sunglasses in the style of the Matrix. All reference by the fashion enfant prodigy.

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