A NFT is sufficient to enter the upcoming Prada fashion show.

The upcoming Milan Fashion Week appears to hold several surprises in store: in addition to the debuts of Maximilian Davis from Ferragamo, Marco De Vincenzo from Etro, and Filippo Grazioli for Missoni, it appears that the upcoming season may be partially affordable to everyone.According to WWD, Prada also revealed its desire to use NFT to make entry to the show a little more democratic following Diesel’s declaration about the potential of opening the doors of the show to the public after online registration. In fact, the company recently announced that owners of the third NFT Timecapsule , which is due out on Thursday, will be able to attend the company’s SS23 fashion show, which is set for September 22 at 2 pm. Customers are encouraged to follow the brand’s Prada Crypted Discord channel to stay informed of further information.The strategy seeks to maintain a younger clientele while also attempting to use the Web 3 community following a number of exploratory activities and bringing Gen Z’s Very Important Clients (VICs) closer.

Following its initial venture into NFT with adidas earlier this year, Prada continued to explore the Web3, launching its first solo NFT initiative in June, focused on working with artist and musician Cassius Hirst and reinterpreting the look of America’s Cup sneakers. Instead, Timecapsule consists of a monthly debut of a limited edition ready-to-wear item that is only accessible for 24 hours on the brand’s e-commerce website, comes with a serial number, and is packaged uniquely.Due to the partnership with the Aura Blockchain Consortium, which was established last year when LVMH and the Prada Group joined forces to promote the use of a single blockchain solution accessible to all luxury brands worldwide, the project, which was launched in 2019, has been enriched with the NFT component, as a gift with every purchase, since June.

The August collection includes a limited run of 50 black cotton poplin shirts that have been embellished with several archival prints, including the Frankenstein-inspired design created by Jeanne Detallante for autumn 2019 and floral brocade that has been enhanced with Lurex threads, as well as previously unavailable vintage fabrics that have contributed to the brand’s history and are now given new life through the circular initiative.Each purchaser of the shirt will be given a free NFT and be randomly chosen to attend the Milan spring 2023 fashion show. Seeing Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons from the front row should convince fashion enthusiasts to get an NFT, even if they don’t completely understand what the Metaverse is.

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