The most popular accessory right now is the Diesel 1DR bag.

Diesel-mania started during the most recent Milan Fashion Week: over a three-month period, conglomerate Only The Brave climbed six spots in The Lyst Index Q2 2022’s Top Brands of the Quarter, which ranks the hottest fashion labels and products with the best shopping apps. This ranking is based on shopper behavior, including searches on and off the platform, product views and sales, social media mentions, activity, and engagement statistics worldwide. Diesel ranked eighth on the list of the hottest brands, and the Diesel 1DR bag, the top-ranked women’s product globally this quarter, is unquestionably the reason for this achievement.

This quarter saw a 59 percent spike in searches for micro-strap bags, but it is precisely the logo’s recognizability, the hobo 2.0 shape’s nod to 1970s style updated in a digitally approachable key, available in multiple forms, and durable construction that place it first in the ranking.Most importantly, the bag is unisex. In the summer of 2022, micro-bags are in high demand, and Martens did incorporate several of his eccentric signature codes into the company’s line of bags. The 1DR bag is straightforward, simple, seductive, genderless, and entertaining, which is ultimately Diesel’s core value, according to Martens, who claims that “we squeezed the DNA of the brand into accessories.“The campaign, which was captured by photographer @paulkooiker under the creative direction of Christopher Simmonds, branded the model as a representation of the hedonistic irreverence that has distinguished Diesel’s advertising since 2010, and it continued to wink at the public by saying that the bag has a “Big D Energy” and using puns on purpose to demonstrate this.

Diesel’s savvy investment in its archive, along with its quintessentially 90s rise, repeats the Y2K biker look, and has led to the brand’s recent growth. This strategy is producing outstanding outcomes in terms of creativity and business: With celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Julia Fox, Gossip Girl actor Whitney Peak, and Paloma Elsesser sporting the instantly identifiable Diesel 1DR logo, the company is represented on the streets of fashion cities by Diesel 1DR. They were responsible for a 317 percent spike in the bag’s demand in June alone. Avoid letting it sit.

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