The fashion bible of the 2000s is Scooby-Doo.

The first fashion icons of our century are Velma, Daphne, Fred, and Shaggy.

By bringing the ’00s maxi trends to screens, Mystery Incorporated created the groundwork for fashion in the twenty-first century, including tank shirts, flare jeans, shell necklaces, and pvc gogo boots. And even though Scooby-live-action Doo’s movie was criticized for having poor CGI animation in 2002, the year of its release, in 2022 we can’t help but remember that movie – and even the one from two years later – as the best adaptation of the 1970s cartoon and a lavish fashion masterpiece of the time.

The story revolves around the exploits of Mysteries&Affini on Spooky Island, a theme park with a horror-themed atmosphere. There, the four investigators and the talking Great Dane dog will spend an exciting holiday with a group of partygoers, skaters, goths, andā€¦ monsters. Of course, they are also wearing a number of iconic outfits that perfectly capture their distinct personalities from head to toe, ranging from Shaggy’s grungy looks to Daphne’s shiny ton sur ton ensembles made up of a green t-shirt with a tight V-neck and baggy pants in some broader sizes.

From the blue leather racing jacket to the white tank top and shell necklace, passing through the famous white vest with the imposing collared ’70s shirt, the daffodil was up to Fred’s hopelessly stunning attire. In addition to her well-known orange total appearance with nerdy schoolgirl socks, Velma is another character that has something to say. Years after the movie’s premiere, in addition to making headlines for a daring neckline in a Scooby-Doo sequence, the leader of the Mystery gang has emerged as one of the most prominent LGBT figures in Y2K cinema. Director James Gunn intended to highlight Velma’s sexual orientation through a gay kiss with Daphne, giving room and voice to the LGBT+ community, before the production erased scenes judged to be “outrageous.”Because Velma’s character reflected a lesbian girl who was having trouble expressing her sexual preferences in the live-action film’s opening script, there was no Shaggy love story as depicted in the cartoon from the previous decade.

Reevaluated years later, Scooby-film Doo’s is a landmark for a whole generation of Millennials who fondly recall the cartoon due to its entirely subversive morality: the evil guys are never the monsters, but the ones right next to us. Additionally, Scooby-Doo is the ideal example of a “ethical and aesthetic” teen film, focusing on the specific elements of each character’s style to the point where they are exhaustive. The Mystery Machine itself is a Ford E200 Econoline Van from 1972, according to the original animation by Hanna & Barbera. With an imaginative that is nothing more than a mash-up of ’70s influences, we can fairly claim that the Mysteri&Affini al completo could tread.The clothing worn by Fred, which includes scarves, preppy sweaters, and ribbed tank tops, foreshadows Harry Styles’ genderless and beautiful aesthetic with a nod to Raf Simons during his Calvin Klein era; With attire like that of a bankrupt skater and a notably reckless attitude toward fashion, Shaggy is only the progenitor of every self-respecting stoner-fuckboy; While Daphne’s style, as portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, would work beautifully for a Valentino or Blumarine collection and is actually not too dissimilar from Versace’s Spring/Summer 2022, Velma’s complex and occasionally unexpectedly provocative appearance would make a great conclusion in a Miu Miu show, starting with the acclaimed Spring 2022. Bella Thorne is really just Daphne Anne Blake 2.0, if you think about it. The most shocking turn of events, however, involves Scooby, who pretends to be Shaggy’s grandmother while hiding inside the plane to Spooky Island. He wears a straw hat, tortoise-shell glasses, and a very elegant white dress with pastel embroidery, which was imported directly from the Provence countryside. I might say, straight out of a Jacquemus fashion show.

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