Popcorn textures are back

Did you think the list of 90s and early 2000s clothing items that would come back into style would end with butterfly tops, low-waisted jeans, cargo trousers, and exposed thongs? You are completely mistaken because bubble shirts, often known as popcorn shirts, were missing from the appeal.Their distinctive surface texture, which is practically three-dimensional, is made up of folds and ripples that resemble a popcorn-like cusp. These jerseys seemed enticing to a young child, like something only one of our Bratz would wear.Although they appear to be little, the clothes made of this fabric, which were popular in the 1990s, can be stitched to fit bodies of any size, from XS to XL. Then, for many years, they were ignored by fashion. In retrospect, it was wise because the popcorn clothing of yore wasn’t as breathable as it is now, when it walks the runways for Marine Serre and Chet Lo. Thanks to the cool kids of the 1990s, the popcorn effect has returned, enchanting Gen Z with its ability to bring back trends like the platform shoe and the low waist, and winning over celebrities like Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner who want bright, playful clothes.

This fabric has made a comeback on the spring/summer 2022 catwalks thanks to fashion, which updated it, deviated from it in various colours, and used it not only for t-shirts and tops but also for trousers, miniskirts, dresses, and accessories. Stella McCartney coloured it blue Klein for pants and jumpsuits manufactured with a 3D printer, Mara Hoffman used it for multicolored gowns that Beyoncé also wore, and Marine Serre updated it with colorful shirts and dresses constructed using fabric cutouts from past seasons. The maestro of pleats, Issey Miyake, interprets it in muted hues to give dresses, gloves, and purses a classic appearance. Many companies, even some unknown ones, like Brain Dead, Stüssy, and Weekday, have chosen to experiment with knitwear and popcorn kernels.

The main credit for popularizing bubbles garments again is Chet Lo. The Asian-born designer makes popcorn his signature. Her funny and futuristic-looking scrumpous creations have captivated many celebrities: from Dua Lipa to Kylie Jenner, from Willow Smith to Machin Gun Kelly, from Sita Abellán to Doja Cat who wore them in her clip “Kiss me more” and on the cover of her album “Planet Her”, photographed by David La Are you wanting to buy one? If you’re looking for an OG popcorn shirt and don’t have a big budget, our advice is to shop on Depop, Vinted or another second hand platform.

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