Observations on the 2022 European Women’s Football Championships in 5 points

The women’s national football team, whose players have recently turned pro, will have a chance to try their luck at the 2022 European Championships, which will be held in England from July 6 to 31. This comes a year after the success of the men’s team led by Mancini in Europe and their failure to qualify for the World Cup. The team led by Milena Bertolini is getting ready to compete against other elite national teams like Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain (the first game we will see them in is on July 10 versus France). For the athletes, it’s a great chance to spend some time watching some entertaining sports and to demonstrate, if there was ever any doubt, that they were capable of doing so.

The competition has 16 national teams, who have been split up into four groups of four teams each. England, Austria, Norway, and Northern Ireland are the members of Group A. Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Finland make up Group B. The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Portugal make up Group C. Portugal was substituted for Russia after that nation was disqualified due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, despite having initially been eliminated in the playoffs. Group D’s competitors are Iceland, Italy, France, Belgium, and so forth. Starting in the quarterfinals, the top two finishers in each group will advance to the knockout stage.

The favorites

Germany, a team that has won the championship eight times, is in prime position to claim the title of European Champion. The Netherlands, the current defending champion, France, who holds the title of vice-champion of the globe, Sweden, which is ranked second in the world, and Spain, which is ranked seventh in the world, are among the other 16 nations who have been given the nod as favorites. Italy, what about it? Many think Sara Gama’s team can pull off unexpected victories and, with strong performances and a dash of luck, make it to the championship game.


Milena Bertolini’s Italy wants to be the tournament’s most transparent team. The task, however, won’t be simple considering that, as a member of group D, it will have to compete against France on July 10, Iceland on July 14, and Belgium on July 18. The players on our national team would have the ideal chance to showcase their abilities if they were to get to the quarterfinals. A successful performance at the 2022 European Championship could also be a way to commemorate the fact that, as of July 1st, women’s football in Italy will fall under the umbrella of professionalism, recognizing its players as legitimate employees. This is a small step towards gender equality that would be nice to commemorate by bringing home a trophy.

The cities that will host the games

The opening match of this year’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, between England’s national team and Austria, will take place at Manchester’s Old Trafford stadium on Wednesday, July 6, and the tournament will conclude with the final at Wembley on Wednesday, July 31. Wembley, Manchester’s Old Trafford, Brentford Community Stadium, Brighton and Hove Albion Community Stadium, Milton Keynes, New York Stadium (where Rotherham United frequently plays), Bramall Lane Falmer Stadium in Brighton, Leigh Sport Village, and St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton will all host games during the tournament.

When to watch the matches

The Italian national team’s matches will be shown live on Rai 1 and all other matches will be broadcast live on Rai Sport during the Women’s European Championships (channel 58 of digital terrestrial). Additionally, matches will be broadcast live on Sky Sport or alternatively streamed on the NOW and Sky Go platforms. The schedules? It will be either 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. Italian time when each group race is run.

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