Rihanna is America’s youngest billionaire

Rihanna can’t stop: eight albums, many hits and awards, a flowering career in the fashion and beauty world, an iconic position, a new pregnancy style pioneer, and a newborn baby. In just 34 years, the Barbados singer has recorded an impressive number of hits and is not going to stop.Lili hasn’t been in the limelight lately and is paying attention to her son with her partner A $ AP Rocky, but she has set a new milestone. In the annual Forbes Rankings, she was named her youngest self-made billionaire in the United States. Last year, his net worth increased to $ 1.4 billion. This is largely due to his brand. Fenty Beauty, co-owned by French luxury retailer LVMH, reports sales in 2020 exceeded $ 550 million and net worth in August 2021 exceeded $ 1 billion. Savage x Fenty, on the other hand, is a super-inclusive lingerie line with a 30% stake and was valued at $ 1 billion in February 2021.

All of these submissions ranked the self-made female star 21st overall and defeated Kim Kardashian as America’s youngest self-made billionaire under the age of 40. The founder of SKIMS is proud of her achievements as she is 41 years old and boasts a net worth of $ 1.8 billion. The wealthiest homebrew woman in the United States is Diane Hendricks, who has been holding the title since 2019 thanks to ABC Supply. In addition to entrepreneurs, well-known performing arts names such as Kylie Jenner (41st for $ 600 million) are included in the rankings. ), Madonna (47th place for $ 575 million), Taylor Swift (48th place for $ 570 million), Beyonce (61st place for $ 450 million), Reese Witherspoon (6th place for 400 million dollars) $ 30 million), Sandra Bullock ($ 225 million in 96th place).

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