Kim Kardashian may have ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress during Met Gala

A month and a half after the 2022 Met Gala, which saw Kim Kardashian stand out among the guests of what is considered the most glamorous event of the year, continues to have the loan of Marilyn Monroe’s original dress made in 1962 and worn by the famous American entrepreneur and reality star in light of recent news about the condition of the historic boss disseminated online on the social profiles of enthusiasts and curators. The dress may have ruined after the event and some images have being around on Instagram show the condition of it.

The comparison of photos of the so-called “Happy Birthday Mr. President Dress,” Marilyn Monroe wore at Madison Square Garden on John Kennedy’s 45th birthday, before and after the Met Gala offers social media audiences and insiders the opportunity to discuss Kim Kardashian’s appearance once again on New York’s famous red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There is no doubt that the most famous of the Kardashians was the absolute protagonist of that evening whose purpose was to pay homage to the history of American fashion, a theme centered by the entrepreneur and queen of social media precisely through the choice of an iconic dress to say the least.

If the discussion of the legitimacy of granting – albeit for a few minutes – such an important and delicate dress to another person besides its owner, had held the bench in the days following the event, the conditions of the dress that would be compromised in the back are now dividing the net.

The nude dress, a dress with a thin, impalpable fabric dotted with crystals, made at the time tailored to wrap the curves of Hollywood’s most beloved blonde to the millimeter, appears damaged in the fabric of the back and, always on the back, some crystals seem to be missing.

The issue, raised by Scott Fortner expert at the private Marilyn Monroe Collection archive, was relaunched online from the popular Diet Prada profile that has already raised media attention in the past on controversial issues in the fashion world that have sometimes had such a strong echo as to overwhelm the subjects mentioned.

Fortner was among the first to point out that Kardashian probably wore white fur on the red carpet as she had failed to perfectly close the zipper of the original dress granted to her by Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the current caretaker and owner of the garment, only for the time of the passage on the red carpet before the gala dinner.

For the rest of the evening, the entrepreneur would in fact wear a replica of the dress, the same one used in photoshooting whose shots were posted on her profile by millions of followers soon went viral.

Kim Kardashian made no secret that she made many sacrifices in the weeks before the event that led her to lose about seven pounds and much has been discussed about the lengthy discoloration treatment that led her to show off an unusual blonde hair. At the same time the TV star extensively thanked Ripley’s for the enormous privilege of having her dress up a dress that had only been worn by Monroe before.

A few days later the entrepreneur returned to Florida to visit the exhibition that houses the dress and that now also displays, apart, the fur stole with transparent platform sandals that served to complete Kardashian’s look for the 2022 Met Gala.

On the issue of damage to Marilyn’s iconic dress designed by Bob Mackie there are no reruns, at the moment, either from Kardashian or Ripley’s, accused of neglect of a dress of great value (in 2016 it was purchased for almost five million dollars), considered a real work of art as it was deeply representative of contemporary pop culture.

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