Gucci launches a smart ring in partnership with Ōura. It detects heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature.

Who says that sport doesn’t rhyme with glamour? Definitely not Gucci! The Maison has unveiled in recent hours a new jewel, destined to change the fate of wellness trends. It’s called Gucci X Ōura and it’s a (even pretty) smart ring that combines well-being, luxury and technology in no uncertain terms. They explain from their mother’s home: “The journey of self-discovery begins with Gucci X Ōura, a smart ring that listens to the body’s messages to provide personalized information and allow the wearer to make the most of their potential.” Let’s see all the details.

How the Gucci X Ōura smart ring works?

Like monitoring sleep, heart rate and body temperature, nothing was left to chance. The ring is able to measure all the health information about us and then transmit it to the App created by Ōura, a Finnish brand specialized in health tech. All data is reworked to give the wearer advice to improve their overall well-being.

How does the smartest ring in the fashion system work? It is equipped with state-of-the-art internal sensors and components that can monitor the main body parameters. By revealing heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature they are able to highlight signs of stress and any diseases. “By controlling the heart rate from the arteries of the fingers, the ring is able to function better than similar objects worn on the wrist,” Gucci explained in a press release. “Once worn, every minute of every day becomes an opportunity to better understand yourself thanks to the Oura App, with which the ring translates the hidden signals of the body. This triggers a dialogue between mind and body, gradually revealing full self-expression.”

From a design perspective, fans of the Maison will not be disappointed. Because Gucci X Ōura is a smart, and minimalist ring. Made of ultra-light titanium, it weighs only four grams, it has the double G braided in 18K yellow gold along the entire circumference. Worn as a wedding ring on any finger, it helps make A journey of self-discovery, as the campaign’s claim. In pure Gucci style. What to say? Guccimania does not subside, quite the contrary, It’s always more golden.

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