The beginning of the astrological Capricorn season

It’s time to bid adieu to the upbeat and ethereal energies of the Sagittarius season because this month is all about concentrating on real-world problems. That could sound dull, but I can promise you that the best thing for this time will be to become more self-aware. Welcome to the sign of Capricorn! However, let’s learn more about this symbol. Capricorn is a cardinal earth … Continue reading The beginning of the astrological Capricorn season

Curlycurl’s August 2022 horoscope

ILLUSTRATIONS BY MABEL CASALINI IG:@MABELMCKEY Even though summer is drawing to an end , the upcoming Leo season is full of positive energy. The month’s transits foretell a season that is physically burning and speaks of passion from every angle: starting on August 4, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Virgo, and all thoughts miraculously acquire their own distinct meaning and a clearer course. Venus, … Continue reading Curlycurl’s August 2022 horoscope