The cast of American Horror Story now includes Kim Kardashian.

In May 2023, filming for American Horror Story’s twelfth season will begin. On the set, Kim Kardashian will work alongside Emma Roberts, who is returning to the show, and Matt Czuchry, who plays Logan from Gilmore Girls and is making his AHS debut. The creator of SKIMS revealed her participation herself in a post on Instagram, a brief teaser in which she informs her 352 million followers that she will co-star with Emma Roberts and divulges the name of the upcoming season: Delicate.

Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, and Kim are pals. He reportedly expressed interest in adding her to the roster of the cult series after being so moved by her performance on Saturday Night Live in 2021, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

«We are delighted to welcome Kim, one of the biggest and brightest television personalities in the world, to the AHS family. Emma and I are eager to work with this influential figure in the society. For Kim specifically, Halley Feiffer wrote a humorous, fashionable, and ultimately terrifying part. This season is ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done.».


Kim Kardashian will join the cast of American Horror story . Just when you think the Kardashians are losing popularity here they come back touching the stars. Rumors of Kylie dating Timothée Chalamet are nothing compared to the news that Kim Kardashian will join the cast of American Horror Story. It turns out that the role played by Kim was written specifically for her. Her performance as a host on Saturday Night Live in October 2021 impressed Ryan Murphy, co-creator of AHS which led him to think of her for this opportunity. In addition to Kim’s debut in the series, the new season of American Horror Story coming out this summer will also see the return of Emma Roberts. What do you think? #americanhorrorstory #ahs #evanpeters #sarahpaulson #ahsedit #tatelangdon #ahsapocalypse #ahscoven #americanhorrorstoryedit #ahsmurderhouse #ahshotel #ahscult #codyfern #emmaroberts #ahsasylum #ahsfx #ahsfreakshow #edit #billielourd #kaianderson #murderhouse #kitwalker #jessicalange #ladygaga #ahsedits #evanpetersedit #horror #curlycurlmedia #curlycurlfactory #curlycurlfashionsociety

♬ Terror, horror, tragedy, lore, story BGM(809613) – Notzan ACT

Initial rumors claim that the character in which Kardashian has been cast was created especially for her, but it has been a closely guarded secret up until this point, just like the season’s overall plot. All that is known is that Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition, which Sourcebooks will release in August, will serve as the inspiration for the new episodes, which will be written by Halley Feiffer. The book, dubbed “a feminist update of Rosemary’s Baby,” is a suspenseful thriller about a woman who believes a nefarious figure is trying all in their power to prevent her from becoming pregnant.

Kim has acted in movies like Ocean’s 8 and TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, 2 Broke Girls, Csi: New York, and Drod Dead Diva in the past, but her role in American Horror Story will undoubtedly be her most significant and difficult one. Will this mark the beginning of a lucrative new profession for Kardashian? Her supporters certainly hope so, and other sources claim that Kim is thrilled to be a part of AHS and collaborate with “some of the most talented people in one of the most iconic franchises.” Apparently, she was also “a bit nervous to take on such an important project, [but] she knew it was something she couldn’t pass up.” We are curious to see what role she will play in AHS 12 and how she will do as an actress.


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