When Will People Stop Discussing Madonna’s “plastic surgery”?

Despite the fact that pop icon Madonna has been in the business for 40 years and recently sold out her whole world tour, people are still fascinated by her outward beauty.

Madonna graced the stage at the 2023 Grammy Awards yesterday to introduce Kim Petras and Sam Smith for their performance of “Unholy.” She opened her address by saying, “Here’s what I’ve learnt after four decades in music.” “You’re clearly onto something if they call you surprising, scandalous, bothersome, problematic, controversial, or dangerous.” As she was speaking, viewers attacked her appearance on social media, focusing on her face. One viewer commented, “Whaaaaaat happened to Madonna’s face?! #GRAMMYs.” While another posted a viral video of Adele appearing perplexed during a basketball game along with the statement, “Me attempting to ignore the fact that Madonna has a completely new face. #GRAMMYs,”

Seeing how the internet has mercilessly mocked and humiliated her has been awful. Soon after, searches for “Madonna plastic surgery” and “Madonna’s new face” began to rank highly on Google. I would like to say that I’m stunned to see how Madonna is being criticized rather than having her amazing accomplishments celebrated, but I’m not. Women’s talent or artistic ability is never valued more highly than their physical looks. It’s important to note that, despite the countless instances of male celebrities also undergoing plastic surgery, you hardly ever see them challenged to explain their suddenly plumper face or more chiseled jawline.

Madonna has been constantly pursued and questioned for a litany of surgeries over the years, and there has been much speculation about the surgery she has had done. Madonna hasn’t, as she should, verified or refuted the rumors. The artist is under no obligation to give the public an explanation for her decisions about her physique or face. There is a notion that we are due an explanation when it comes to celebrities, but for such a private subject, we are not. The vocalist of Material Girl stated, “I am definitely not against plastic surgery,” in an interview from 2012. I, however, vehemently oppose having to debate it.

It’s a double-edged sword: The world criticizes women for getting cosmetic surgery, and then criticizes them for either choosing to be open about it and maybe persuading other women to do the same, or choosing not to and “hiding” how they got their appearance. It’s extremely damaging to speculate about Madonna’s “shifting face.” You are essentially asking someone to answer intrusive questions by doing this. Why should Madonna have to deal with the spotlight just because she is famous? is a question we would prefer not to be posed.

The world needs to look at its own society instead of blaming female celebrities for ‘encouraging’ younger females to have surgery. The continuing outrageous beauty standards that are ingrained in society are what we need to focus on.
We appreciate Madonna’s decision to speak out against the hate rather than respond to the trolls. She gave the critics all the information they required in her opening statement at the Grammy Awards: “As long as the world is talking, you’re on to something!”


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