There is no doubt that Lucien Laviscount will be the next James Bond.

The competition to become the next James Bond has started since Daniel Craig declared he would hang his tuxedo in the wardrobe permanently and put down the Vodka-Martini (shaken, not stirred). Although the franchise’s producer, Barbara Broccoli, claimed last summer that no script currently exists and that she is still figuring out how to modernize the character created by Ian Fleming, it has taken time (there is talk of at least two years before filming begins on the 26th installment of the saga), and speculation about who will play the new 007. has been multiplying on the Internet for months. According to the No Time to Die storyline, James Bond has passed away and Lashana Lynch’s character Nomi has temporarily taken over her MI6 agent ID number. Will a woman appear as the double 0 on screen again in the future? No, not at the moment, anyway. The next spy in Her Majesty’s service will be a male, not a woman, he should be portrayed by an Englishman, and he should be young enough to remain in the role for at least 15 years, according to Broccoli and the other producer, Michael Wilson. Idris Elba was the star who everyone wanted to see live through unprecedented and thrilling adventures as cinema’s most well-known secret agent, and this last feature left him off the list, angering fellow actors, directors, and the many Bond fans. The Luther actor, who is 50, feels like too much of an adult and doesn’t seem to want to stick around for the franchise for more than a decade, therefore younger actors will take his place.

Some assert that Lucien Laviscount, the Alfie from Emily in Paris, may be the ideal candidate. Barbara Broccoli appears to be interested in the British actor after he won over millions of fans as the charming heartthrob in the series everyone loves to loathe. An unnamed source claims that “Lucien checks all the boxes. He is a highly gifted actor who also happens to be very attractive. Since joining Emily in Paris 18 months ago, he has gained a lot of new followers. Bond producers have previously stated that he will be wearing 007’s tuxedo, which is both fashionable and fitting for the part. Laviscount’s 2011 appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, a reality show deemed too frivolous by the standards and resumes of previous Bonds, could work against him. While fans of him in the role of the young British banker who moved to France for work are already dreaming of a crossover scene in which the new 007 reminisces about his life in Paris when he dated an annoying American woman with loud outfits, this is one factor that could play against him.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is becoming a more popular candidate to succeed Daniel Craig if Laviscount is eliminated from the Big Brother competition. Taylor-chances Johnson’s of becoming the next James Bond are currently 4/5, according to bookmaker William Hill, while other reports claim that he has already shot a “top secret audition” at Pinewood Studios and the meeting with producers went well. Since he recently appeared in Tenet and Bullet Train, he has proven that he possesses all the necessary qualifications to play 007: “excellent actor, British, suited for the young direction the Broccoli’s wish to take, established but not very famous.” So, is he going to be the new James Bond? For many, he would be close to committing to the deal, but the same has been said in the past about other actors on the list of potentials, which also includes, among others, RegĂ©-Jean Page, the endearing Duke of Hastings in the Bridgerton series, Henry Golding, the Mr. Elliot of Persuasion, which is currently streaming on Netflix, Paul Mescal of Normal People, Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders, and the more well-known Henry Cavill.


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