How to ski in style

It can be challenging to pull together a presentable outfit when the temperature is above freezing, but what do we do when the snow is raging, the streets are icy, and the duvet seems to be the only item of clothing we want to wear at all? Celebrities have made skiing a part of the glittering lifestyle despite the severe weather and inaccessible roads, from Brigitte Bardot’s perfect, altitude-proof makeup to Cher’s glam ’80s attire to Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton’s loud Y2K outfits: fashionable in the snow? Yes, but only with a few simple tactics.

Snowwear has undergone significant changes from the 1930s to the present due to the development of more effective thermal and waterproof textiles, from nylon to GORE-TEX, and the gradual incorporation of these garments into our daily wardrobe. The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and many others: If streetwear has left us with anything, it’s a preoccupation with clothes that are practical yet nevertheless have design flaws. There are two choices: either embrace winter wear in all its flamboyance with prints and shades, as exemplified by icons of the 80s like Brooke Shields, Lady D, Cher, or, more recently, the bright yellow suits of Dua Lipa and David Beckham or the Dior monogram worn by Kendall Jenner in Aspen a few winters ago, or rely on the restful charm of monochrome. After all, it’s a well-known fact that a ski wardrobe with its layers does not exactly ennoble the figure, which is why many celebrities choose to wear black. This is the case with Kim Kardashian, who has always preferred total black from Prada Linea Rossa or in a full-body Moncler look for her family vacations.

When it comes to looking stylish and being warm, accessories—from mirrored eyeglasses to fur gloves—are essential. When it comes to vintage hat inspiration, Cher wearing a narrow fuchsia headband in Aspen in 1977 and Princess Diana sporting a red and white braided headband in Klosters in 1986 steal the show. Brigitte Bardot set the standard for enormous oval spectacles both on and off the slopes, while Sophia Loren wore classic aviator glasses, a Christmas sweater, and a striking red scarf in a 1978 photo. As celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham donned low-slung snow pants, huge mirror goggles, and fur-trimmed jackets in the 2000s, ski wear gained sexiness and paved the way for the following generation of trend-setters and influencers. Kylie Jenner makes vacationing in the snow an exercise in style, complete with moon boots and total looks from Fendi or Chanel. However, despite the effort, Kendall is responsible for the majority of the viral photos and videos, from the time she posed in the snow wearing a bikini and yeti boots to the dark green Loewe bomber jacket that has become the most sought-after piece of winter clothing. So regardless of how you choose to dress for the snow, the opportunity for an Instagram-worthy moment in the snow still exists.


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