The Loewe Bomber Jacket is currently every girl’s latest trend.

Since Loewe eyewear debuted convex and incredibly playful frames in his FW21 collection, Jonathan Anderson has been experimenting with leather and volume. In his FW22 collection, the creative director did it once more, researching the effect of trompe l’oiel volume on lip-shaped tops, balloon-shaped bras, and even a nappa leather coat that has already become the new fixation of the season’s it-girls. The Loewe bomber jacket has been spotted on Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Taylor Russell, and Lori Harvey. It is trending on TikTok not only because it is the common element of the casual looks of these well-known faces, but also due to the peculiar shape that some users have identified on the bodies of the models who have wore it, guided by the padding. The Yeezy GAP jacket, another item that gives the idea of padding its strength, is being compared in videos to it because to its striking similarity.

By uploading pictures from her mountain home in Aspen, Colorado, that went viral right away, Kendall Jenner was the first to publicize the “Glossy Satin Lambskin Padded Bomber Jacket with Side Pockets, Elastic Cuffs and Waist,” as it is referred to by Loewe. Aficionados of comfortable fashion ideal for this winter season have gone crazy about this outfit due to the softness of the padding, which is also evident in one photo, and the combination with Emma Brewin’s Muppet Hat, another fashionable item of the year that is coming to an end. However, the photo’s popularity stems from more than just people who bookmarked the page to use as inspiration when shopping for a similar bomber jacket at the impending winter discounts. Several users said that the item “looks like an horrible jacket,” while another referred to it as “an $8000 rubbish bag.” Perhaps the user was correct, given how fashion and trash have maintained their strange relationship for years, leading the industry to produce iconic clothing that reinterprets the idea of the industry’s lack of circularity. Despite the criticisms, the Bomber jacket went out of stock right away.

The Loewe puffer jacket is a contemporary adaptation of the classic aviator-style bomber jacket that is more padded and made bulkier by being inflated using special technology. It was recently worn by Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey in the nylon version. Yeezy GAP’s puffer jackets, which play precisely with the classic pattern and volume and were released this June in the two light blue and black colorways before the collaboration between Kanye West and the American brand ended for reasons that are known, immediately connected to Loewe’s jacket due to this similarity. Despite this, Taylor Russell, who posed alongside Loewe’s creative director wearing it, epitomized the model’s era, which has just just begun. The Bones and All actress is one of the brand’s most recognizable faces and has a close relationship with it; in October, she launched the SS23 show in Paris and has sported Anderson’s clothing on red carpets and in numerous magazines.


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