Legwarmers and fluffy boots: a meeting of the eras Y2K

From Chanel to Jersey Shore, from ballerina core to yeti core

Ballet slippers, for some a childhood nightmare and for others a romantic affectation to wear with every dress, were scheduled to make a comeback in August. Leotards, wrap sweaters, turtlenecks, shrugs, flared leggings, tight jackets, and tights have been dominating the feeds for a few months now thanks to TikTok, bringing the ballet dancer aesthetic back into style. Leg warmers were the only item of clothing that could spark a short between the 1980s and the year 2000, therefore it was only a matter of time before it was also their turn. With more than 120 million views on TikTok, Generation Z has rediscovered the leg warmer’s legacy, albeit in a slightly more grunge and DIY form than the vitamin colors that were popular during the aerobics boom era. Examples include Flashdance and Madonna’s Hung, as well as Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson. The trend’s rebirth appears to be dominated by neutral colors and various textures, and does not skimp on catwalks and celebrities, between DIY tutorials for leg warmers and a grunge mood.

The preppy look was the focus of MiuMiu’s FW22 collection, which included beige and grey cuffs coupled with short skirts and pink ballet slippers. While Vaquera’s February version was maximalist and in hues of red, Fendi Resort 2023 was all about functionality. Satin jumpsuits had tiny pockets to handle cards and cash. Bella Hadid paired them with a Chanel dress and blue heels, Billie Eilish wore them with an all-black outfit on the VMAs red carpet, while Dua Lipa paid homage to “country style” by donning faux fur knee-length cuffs that she labeled “farm-girl.” But when Kendall Jenner wore a fur jacket, cut-off denim shorts, and thigh-high leather cuffs in Paris in 2016, she set the fashion standard. However, some people have gone far further than knitted cuffs, experimenting with the unusual style of fluffy boots, the wild cousin of cuffs, the product of the 2000s, by Geordie Shore, and a weekend in a chalet in Cortina D’Ampezzo.

They go by many names, including fluffy, furry, and yeti boots, but one thing is for certain: fashion designers adore them. For its autumn/winter 2021 fashion show, MiuMiu went with the ski style. Models wore knit balaclavas, full skirts, and vibrant tights, which they coupled with large, hairy, black, and brown boots that wrapped around the thigh and knee and gave us visions of Big Foot or Chewbacca. A Mary Jane version in pink tones was displayed by Matthieu Blazy at Bottega Veneta during the previous season, whereas Rick Owens and Ottolinger preferred the cut-out. Chanel frequently and creatively showcased its shaggy boots, but the FW10 looks are unquestionably the most well-known: knitted shorts and long brand necklaces teamed with fluffy boots that stretched as high as the thighs. The “snowman” aesthetic has previously been embraced by ChloĂ©, Maison Margiela, Dolce & Gabbana, Snooki from Jersey Shore in 2010, Victoria Beckham in the early 2000s when she wore white cargo pants with fur-trimmed white boots, and Rihanna in 2017 when she wore a pair of fur-trimmed Saint Laurent boots.Now it’s the time of Generation Z. The most unusual generation is prepared to go to the grocery store, the bus stop, and the school wearing heavy fur boots.


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