Dolce & Gabbana’s newest series takes you inside the world of gaming.

Friendship, rivalry, commitment, and fair play are at the center of Dolce & Gabbana’s debut web series gooDGame, which was created by Frame by Frame. The eight-episode series is the result of a partnership with MKERS, an Italian eSports organization founded in 2017 that currently boasts more than 40 champions of various nationalities who specialize in twelve gaming titles. It features behind-the-scenes footage of four international gaming teams and their daily lives as they spend time in their respective Gaming Houses.

The series takes the viewer on a journey to learn about each of the champions’ stories, their aspirations, and their greatest passions through training for major international competitions, experiences of personal and professional growth, and the team spirit that extends beyond the screen of a gaming station. Four of the top eSports teams in the world, MKERS, Darkzero, Mibr, and Scarz, will be the featured teams in one of the first gaming house twinnings ever recorded. Four cities with distinct personalities serve as the backdrop for the exchange of experiences, perched between the real and the virtual: Rome (MKERS), Las Vegas (Darkzero), So Paulo (Mibr), and Kawasaki, Tokyo (Scarz). Dolce&Gabbana released a limited-edition Special Collection for gamers in honor of the premiere of gooDGame, which occurred on November 4 on the brand’s website and YouTube channel (episode 1, episode 2). This collection was highlighted in the first episode of the show.
You can have look at the new collection at

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