When sex workers’ stage names cross paths with luxury brands

What link exists between the upscale fashion house and the porn sector? Above all, what prompted the renowned and active attorneys of the Dior house to bring a lawsuit against a well-known member of Only Fans? You wouldn’t believe how much easier and more obvious the solution is: an alter ego or a stage name . This is the case with Gigi Dior, the self-described “super milf” of Only Fans the most recent in a long line of sex workers who have drawn inspiration from Haute Couture to present themselves to the public, including Chanel Preston, Drew Valentino, Sofia Prada, Gucci Mane, and Sofia Prada in the music industry. This can be added to examples from within the country, such as the porn star Christian Dior and the rapper Bello Figo, whose name was originally Bello Figo Gucci before the eponymous company forced him to abbreviate it through legal action. As Daniel Rodgers notes in Dazed, there is a ten-year-old tradition that encourages artists and sex workers to adopt “luxury” nicknames in an ironic and irreverent manner as well as to escape exclusion through the sublimation of prestige typically associated with the bourgeoisie.

The lawyers for the business asked Gigi Dior to stop using the stage name immediately, as the Maison created by Christian Dior did not require the 75 years of history to grow a fair dosage of sarcasm. <<This is absurd; my name has nothing to do with haute couture, and the strange thing is that I never wear clothes>>, Gigi remarked. The actress and model formally registered her name in September, but she has until November 17 to respond in writing to Christian Dior’s lawyers, who contend that the use of her pseudonym dilutes the brand’s reputation through “blurring and tarnishing.” But the brand was more sexually inspired before Maria Grazia Chiuri took over, turning it into a representation of an ethereal, unreachable, and, to be honest, dull femininity. At that time, John Galliano served as artistic director, and the sensuality of the 2000s made us significantly less prudish. Consider the overt sexiness of Tom Ford’s Gucci advertisements, the time burlesque performer Dita Von Teese served as Jean Paul Gaultier’s muse, Pornhub’s recent partnerships with Shayne Oliver and Ludovic de Saint Sernin, or Chloe Cherry’s front row appearances. In 2020, the three Pornhub actresses Asa Akira, Marica Hase, and Jade Kush will parade in a feminist manifesto.

The persistence towards a sex worker who just has a few thousand followers on Instagram is evidence of the stigma that still surrounds porn workers, even though the discussion of trademarks is undoubtedly a complex and crucial issue for the creation of a brand’s identity. As an example of how luxury brands frequently try to project an air of invincibility while ignoring even a little portion of their past, when the collections were less out of reach but in fact more intriguing.

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