What the upcoming EmRata podcast will consist of

The model says she will discuss everything, including “politics, feminism, pleasure, and TikTok.”

“Yes, I at long last have a podcast. I’m so freaking happy! “. With these exuberant words, Emily Ratajkwoski announced on Instagram her upcoming venture: a Sony Music podcast in which she will investigate “pop culture and happenings that may appear trivial in a way that raises big concerns.” The model has chosen to broaden her activities and try a different format to express her thoughts on the current cultural zeitgeist, following Kim Kardashian’s lead, who will instead concentrate on true crime. Emrata is prepared for a new adventure where the focus will be on her voice rather than her explosive beauty after launching her own swimwear line, acting in movies, penning a powerful online essay about the exploitation of her image called Buying Myself Back, which served as the inspiration for the bestseller My Body, and appearing in recent fashion weeks. She noted in an interview with Variety that the podcast is sort of a natural progression from the book, allowing her to go further into subjects that interest her without having the show come off as pretentious but still packed with information she considers valuable and interesting.

Beginning on November 1st, Emily will entertain us with two episodes every week of High Low With Emrata. On Tuesdays, Ratajkwoski will have private chats with notable celebrities, authors, close friends, and others she admire. On Thursdays, she will speak about whatever interests her, from “politics and feminism to sex and TikTok,” doing so in a monologue. Additionally, fans will get access to an exclusive third episode called High Low: Talk Back, which will take listeners’ feedback and queries into account. The model’s hopes for her upcoming endeavor? to establish a virtual environment “where you can engage in pleasant conversation.”


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