Celebrities who have increased the discussion of mental health on social media

It is not new to discuss the connection between social media and mental health; constant exposure to streams of other people’s information can evoke emotions of inadequacy that may subsequently develop into social anxiety. As Bella Hadid described in a post from last year, the birth of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) was subsequently caused by the creation of modified realities as photographs to make every occasion “Instagrammable.” Unquestionably, social media is important in today’s world, but in order to protect one’s mental health, one must control how they use it, manage it so that they only interact with content that positively impacts their daily lives, and, most importantly, treasure the fact that everyone shares some aspects of what it means to be a human, including the “aesthetic gods” who serve as our sources of inspiration. Find out which celebrities have contributed to the discussion of mental health over the years.

Selena Gomez

After her Instagram account was hacked in 2017, Selena deleted it. Since then, she has taken a step back from all of her social media activities, choosing to delegate the management of her IG profile to a group of professionals who alternate between posting about Rare Beauty or Gomez’s most recent work, as well as more intimate content. Gomez has made the decision to speak out in order to normalize and destigmatize mental health using her notoriety. When discussing her depression, she said, “I felt that anguish, anxiety, and terror were overtaking me, it was one of the scariest moments of my life,” and she said that getting professional assistance and a diagnosis helped her regain control of her emotions. A story and a message she wants to spread “Although it’s not simple, I believe sharing my experience is appropriate. I frequently feared being judged and misunderstood. However, I now understand that I am not imperfect, helpless, or inferior to others. I’m only a person.” Her dedication to raising awareness of this issue prompted her to launch Wondermind, a comprehensive platform devoted to mental health, in late 2021. She also produced the documentary My mind and me, which will be available starting in November on Apple TV+ and will discuss the cancellation of Revival’s tour due to mental health issues, lupus, a kidney transplant, and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Bella Hadid

When Bella experienced burnout in 2021, she spent two and a half weeks in a Tennessee rehab facility and started counseling, which she now views as “the best gift she’s ever given herself.” The journey, however, is long and full of ups and downs, to the point where the model shared a touching Instagram post in early 2022 in which she openly discussed her battle with depression, which occasionally prevents her from getting out of bed, and with anxiety, which can occasionally become paralyzing, adding, “Social media is not real. Anyone struggling, please keep that in mind. Sometimes hearing that you’re not alone is all you need to hear.

Hadid’s method of revealing her misery and reminding her fans that despite the perfection flaunted on social media, everyone, even the most privileged ones, feel uncertain, confused, and imperfect was to post a series of images in which she was in tears and in agony.

Cara Delavigne

Cara Delevingne has always maintained a distant connection with social media, posting frequently solely to announce a new project or marketing initiative. But in 2016, she choose to disclose her mental health struggles on Twitter “I have depression, and when I’m feeling down, it may be challenging to be a model. But I’m becoming better at not getting carried away by every wave.” The model, who comes from a family of drug addicts (her mother, Pandora, used drugs for a very long time), has ADHD since she was a young child. Over the years, she has repeatedly admitted that she experiences frequent feelings of sadness and loneliness, to the point where she confessed, “I lost it in my teenage years. Even though I was privileged, I really wanted to end my life because I detested myself.” She even left the scene in 2020 as a result of overwhelming “industry pressure.” Following some of her worrying activities, including needlessly skipping professional commitments, strolling about the Los Angeles airport’s Van Nuys in bare feet, and isolating herself inside her home for days, Cara’s followers have recently expressed their concern for the celebrity’s health. According to reports, Cara’s family, friends, and Margot Robbie are pleading with her to start an anxiety and depression treatment program so she can get through this extremely challenging moment in her life.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello frequently had her body and curves scrutinized, dissected, and attacked on social media by trolls, but she also utilized it as a platform to counteract the needless body shaming. She did, however, decide to write an essay for the Wall Street Journal titled “There is something inside me that makes me sick, but I didn’t have the ability to handle it before” while she struggled with anxiety and OCD.”It did me no good to deny it. […] I was embarrassed and ashamed, which is a common reason why people don’t want to discuss their battles with their bodies or minds. A small voice inside of me told me I should be grateful because I had so many wonderful things in my life. By seeking assistance, she was able to receive a formal diagnosis and begin a therapeutic regimen to reclaim her life: OCD can show up in many different ways, but for me, it was obsessive thoughts and compulsive activities. Basically, I had the impression that my mind was tricking me cruelly. Today, this isn’t the case: I’m no longer at battle with myself, and while anxiety still comes and goes, I now treat it like any other unfavorable emotion rather than a constant companion. Healing required both self-awareness, or being honest with oneself, and self-compassion, or not blaming oneself for feeling awful.


Even a body positive icon may experience a backlash from naysayers. The singer stated, “I’ve come to a place now where I’m not just dealing with cyber bullies; I’m dealing with seeing a lot of negativity on the internet that has to do with everyone,” during a Live Q&A on Instagram some time ago. As a result, she occasionally takes a social media detox (the longest break was about a year) to protect her mental health. During this time, she focuses on her real life, her work, and the people she loves before returning to Instagram and company stronger and more upbeat and prepared to inspire her followers with her posts that promote self-confidence.

Kendall Jenner 

Like Lizzo, Kendall Jenner occasionally takes a break from social media since she has realized that she has become somewhat addicted to it. She stunned her admirers in November 2016 when she canceled her Instagram account, but later told Ellen, “I merely needed a brief respite. It was the last thing I glanced at before going to bed and the first thing I would look at when I woke up in the morning. I needed to take a moment because I was starting to feel a little too obsessed.” Jenner has done a number of digital detoxes over the years that have allowed her to re-connect with her authentic self sans the mystifications common to social media.

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