According to Schiaparelli, the Charm of the Ordinary is Extraordinary

During PFW, Daniel Roseberry debuted the SS23 line.

Daniel Roseberry dislikes referring to Schiaparelli as “everyday” because Maison’s raison d’être has always been to imitate the extraordinary. Whether we are discussing ready-to-wear or couture, the brand’s timeless elegance truly comes to life in sartorial gowns made from the finest fabrics in the world and made exceptional by an unexpected, surreal, artistic element like a sculptural shape, a drape at just the right point, a trompe l’oeil hat, or the iconic bijoux that glamorously rework the human anatomy.Each of these distinctive characteristics can be found in the SS23 collection, which was unveiled in Paris and was the result of the American designer’s reflection on what constitutes everyday attire. This reflection was partly sparked by the American designer’s recent visit to the well-known Porto Ercole resort Il Pellicano, where he observed women from around the world getting ready for an aperitif or dinner, as well as for a day at the beach.

The end result is a wardrobe full of both commonplace and astonishing designs with colorful brushstrokes and definite yet voluminous forms that are made intriguing by sculptural jewelry and odd decorations. Several instances? Elsa Schiaparelli’s Zodiac collection’s Soleil appears on jackets, Jean Cocteau silhouettes appear on sleeves, the suit is covered in ants, the beads on the denim skirt resemble sand when they stick to the costume, the Facebag and the traditional padlock bag, along with hammered gold jewelry set with vibrantly colored glass stones, provide the essential touch of glamour to flaunt at breakfast with the family, at work, or on a romantic evening out.

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