This is a bag as well.

The new bag from Balenciaga went viral.

It is undeniable that Balenciaga has an innate, or at the very least blatant, propensity to trolling; after the release of a bag in 2017 that was nearly identical to Ikea’s shopping bag and the destruction of the most recent sneakers, it is now the turn of the trash bag displayed during the FW23 collection show. That is bound to cause a lot of division, without stretching the truth too much. Fans of Demna’s anti-surrealist attitude will be happy to spend $1,790 on a bag that was unmistakably inspired by a rubbish bag, while those who are repulsed by the thought of paying such a sum for such an uncool object will prefer to criticize.Demna is also prepared with the response to this: “I couldn’t pass up the chance to create the priciest trash bag in history. Who doesn’t enjoy a good fashion scandal, he remarked.

Apart from the fact that it is made of calfskin and comes in 4 colors, the reason this garbage bag caught our attention was another: when it first appeared, models an were holding the bag in the middle of a snowstorm while (co)nstrained in tight-fitting clothing and black bags full of items.A staging that was charged with political significance and denunciation due to the conflict in Ukraine’s onset and felt most strongly by Demna. In this speech, fashion has simply served as the narrative vehicle for a vision that is both urgent and personal: to demonstrate how cold, ruthless, and unpretentious people can be. Even if this bag will unavoidably have to handle embellishments, its narrative still has an effect even if it doesn’t end up being the next season’s “it” bag. Balenciaga’s aesthetic experiment is shifting the sheen of luxury to political and current concerns in a tone that is frequently casual and dry. Despite being an expert in terms of design and quality, Demna experiments with values and is a creative director conscious that enjoyment comes before the product. Because of this, even the trash bag, whose idea may be dubious, continues to be a luxury item.

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