How to improve your skincare regimen to deal with the heat and air conditioning

Undoubtedly, the heat and intensity of these oppressive days prompts us to hunt for quick ways to cool off. What is most convenient and immediate solution? The air conditioner must still be turned on always and in all circumstances.The skin on our arms, legs, faces, and hands—basically all of our exposed body parts—pays the price for such replenishment first. Since the air produced by air conditioners is dry, the epidermis is probably going to become dehydrated.Additionally affected by this consequence, hair may get drier and dryer. In fact, the air conditioning dries out the air, which causes the skin to become dehydrated. In the middle of summer, the temperature flux brought on by the contrast between the cool, dry temperatures of the office or car and the hot, muggy temperatures of the open air can also result in colds. However, the muscles are also impacted: have you ever experienced a stiff neck, back pain, headaches, or cramps?They are a result of the improper orientation and an uncomfortably chilly temperature. So what should you do? With the “hot record,” you’re forgoing air conditioning? The skin must be kept extremely hydrated by our actions both inside and outside because it isn’t even a hypothesis to consider.

You need a light day cream in the morning along with the recommended liter and a half of water to drink during the day to avoid unpleasant clarity while still being potent in its emollient and moisturizing activity. To increase hydration, four or five drops of a serum or moisturizing booster work well below. Remember to apply sunscreen on your neck and décolleté as well, as these areas are as susceptible to dehydration from heat and air conditioning.Remember to apply sunscreen on your neck and décolleté as well, as these areas are as susceptible to dehydration from heat and air conditioning. A useful SOS that can help you quench your thirst and revive your skin throughout the day, whether indoors and out, is to always keep a thermal water spray or hyaluronic acid moisturizing water on hand. After a particularly stressful day, the skin then cries out in the evening for a quick and easy-to-apply hydrating mask, cream, or fabric to rejuvenate it.The application receives an ICE effect from storing both ingredients in the refrigerator, which in addition to being peaceful and refreshing, gives tone and relaxes the features. If that is still insufficient, toning with a tonic that promotes cell growth is a useful remedy, especially in the evening before bed to remove pollutants from your face and in the morning you will feel refreshed.

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