How does Gorpcore make up work?

from luminous skin, minimal, effective makeup

The term “Gorpcore” was first used in an article published in The Cut in 2017 to describe the growth of a minimalist, functional, and utilitarian movement aesthetic characterized by bulky down coats, fleece, technical vests, cargo trousers, hiking boots, and shoes.The new word conjured up images of footprints in the snow, clean air, contact with untainted nature, outdoor activities, mountain climbing, hiking, and coffee heated on a field stove. It was inspired by the informal name for a snack commonly used that contains granola, dried fruit, and nuts and is ideal to consume during excursions.

Based on a natural, restrained makeup that resembles the effect as soon as you get out of bed, this mood of liberation, essentiality, and comfort in terms of beauty is created. An even more simplistic version of the clean girl, it features flawless skin, a small layer of blush to simulate sun-kissed skin, full, soft brows that are only kept in place with a thin layer of clear gel, natural-looking mascara to brighten the appearance, and soft, moisturized lips.the essential? a sunscreen-containing lotion to go outside safely. Focusing on a small number of high-quality products and choosing a skincare routine that strives to hydrate, maintain the skin barrier, and level out the complexion while incorporating only a few other basics that enhance our inherent beauty are the keys to success.If The North Face, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Salomon, and Fear of God are the clothing companies that set the standards for gorpcore, then Glossier, Paula’s Choice, Honieh Beauty, Comfort Zone, and Drunk Elephant are the greatest sustainable and natural beauty brands to add to the gorpgirl’s shopping list.

Additionally, a hairstyle needs to convey the impression of effortless beauty. It is preferable to leave hair loose and natural, with a wash and salty scent, although there are no regulations. Ponytails, braids, buns, 90s clothespins, bandanas, clothespins, bucket hats, and scarves are options if it’s too hot outside or you’re not feeling well. A hack? Use headphones—ideally big and shaped like a circle!

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