TikTok and the ancient flashback of contraception

The historic Roe v. Wade ruling was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, sending the nation and the condition of women back decades to a time of secrecy and obscurantism. As a result, those who want an abortion but are unable to obtain one are being forced to look for alternative, almost medieval methods, particularly online.Some have challenged the risk of being banned by Metropolis by trying to buy abortion pills on Instagram and Facebook, and some have desperately tried an herbal “potion” proposed by TikTok users.As an Input Mag survey noted, videos recommending toxic herbal remedies for “delayed menstrual periods” are racking up millions of views on Chinese apps: hashtags #pennyroyaltea (unrelated to Nirvana’s song of the same name) and #artemisia, believe to be the number 1 Abortion herbs, around .

The tiktoker @amidnightwitch, who has frequently ethically addressed magic issues and is currently fighting to raise awareness about the use of these herbal remedies, demonstrates how typing the hashtags #witch, #witchtok, or keywords like “ab0rti0n” in an effort to get around content restrictions can quickly land you on feeds that discuss using purportedly natural remedies for abortion, like papaya seed mixtures, goji berries, black cohosh, chamomile.


In several videos, the statement “don’t do it at all” or “Please don’t buy worm tea if you’re pregnant since it will induce a miscarriage” is used in place of more explicit language that might subject the creators to legal ramifications. Even if they do in fact recommend a do-it-yourself abortion method to desperate mothers and plenty of impressionable young people. The safest abortions are medical and surgical ones, which are efficient and well-researched procedures; there is no evidence to justify the use of herbs for this purpose, as many doctors who strive to stop the phenomena keep repeating.Actually. These mixtures may have extremely harmful effects, including fatalities. Pennyroyal or mint poleggio, a plant also used to make essential oils or insect repellents, is one of the most frequently listed abortionists on TikTok. This plant includes pulegone, which when broken down by the body into toxins can result in liver necrosis. The negative effects of ingesting it might range from nausea and vomiting to coma, liver failure, and even death. Blue cohosh, which possesses methylcytosine among its characteristics, is another plant that has been recommended as an abortionist on the Chinese app. High dosages of this alkaloid can result in death, coma, seizures, excessive smudging, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, heart arrhythmias, and muscle weakness.

Only safe abortions can be prohibited, not all abortions. Millions of people over the world are highlighting this to those who continue to deny them the freedom of choice, emphasizing how making pregnancy termination illegal leads to an increase in illegal abortions that put women’s lives in danger. Many home remedies have been used throughout history, from wine that the ancient Greeks drank with silfium, pepper, and myrrh to the smooth gin that 1950s women drank in hot baths until the use of hangers to remove the fetus.If you believe that this is the past, you are sadly mistaken. A 2015 survey in Texas found that between 100,000 and 240,000 women between the ages of 18 and 49 attempted an unintentional abortion. After the Roe v. Wade decision, herbal abortion remedies are once again becoming popular. The most frequently reported method was taking illegally produced Misoprostol, as well as “homeopathic herbs or remedies, being affected or punched in the abdomen, using alcohol or illicit drugs, or taking hormone pills.” What terrifying move will come next? When will women and everyone else be able to make their own decisions freely?

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