Why Lady Diana’s style is timeless

Today Lady Diana would have turned 61, and her style continues to affect the catwalks, Influencers and actors to models . Anything she wore from baseball cap to biker shorts, and many more trends were born in unsuspecting times. Especially today that the aesthetic taste of the most famous brands takes its cue from the 80s and 90s. And how to miss the best pairings of the most beloved princess in all of history? Colors, shapes and styling of the spring-summer season are the same as those of the time, revisited in a modern key. Here, then, are the 5 trends worn by Lady D.


Second only to the very famous revenge dress (wored when Prince Charles’ betrayal was made official), this look is one of the most viral on the web. Maybe because it was not usual to see a princess on a casual outfit. Or maybe because of its incredible relevance. Straight jeans, baseball hat and oversized blazer. Celine’s look is (blatantly) a copy of the real one. The only difference is in the top. If for this summer the catwalks recommend it cropped, Lady D was a comfortable sweatshirt, with a baggy fit.

Total white

White mini dress, stylish was yesterday as is today. For summer 2021, Burberry offers a model made interesting by cuts and transparencies. Long sleeves and high tulle collar: this dress emphasizes the shapes giving character and femininity. Kind of like the Versace model worn by Lady Diana. Clean and minimal, with a perfect silhouette, combined with clutches and sandals of the same shade. Since the princess meets the emerging Italian designer, a splendid relationship of friendship and respect has been established between the two. Which will then allow the creation of different custom-made looks. The emancipated and seductive woman to whom the brand aspires is embodied by Diana, who becomes a real inspiring muse.

Pastel shades

Another of the summer 2021 trends is definitely pastel tones. Pink, blue, green and yellow are used to give yes a note of color, but also a feeling of sweetness and class. Youthful and chic , the look of Balmain’s Pre-Fall 2021 combines street-style with a retro aesthetic. The multi-layer outfit is a reimagining of Lady D’s chosen dress for her visit to Australia in 1983. With bow around the neck and midi length: a real chic girl

Petticoat dress

Sexy and seductive: the petticoat dress is a must have for evening outings. Thin straps and soft silhouette on the body, this type of dress is super enhancing. The princess chose a blue satin model for the 1996 Met Gala, which she paired with pumps of the same color. The jewels juxtaposed are inevitable, even today for Versace. The neckline allows you to choose very showy and important necklaces, able to give the right twist to the outfit. Or put more than one, creating a mix and match of styles and materials. Elegant and refined: it’s the perfect look for night dates.

Straight jeans and shirt

A winning pair, always and forever. Plus shirt jeans (better yet white) is so iconic that it never goes out of fashion. Thanks to the small details it can be elevated, to make it even more personal and elaborate. Diana yesterday, like Valentino today, pair them with a brown leather belt and flat pendant shoes. Loafers for the princess, pointed dancer for summer 2021. When outfits are minimal, fabrics and accessories become the real protagonists. For this reason, the jeans, with a straight cut, must be of a supported canvas, which maintains the cigarette shape.

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