Barbie’s urban legend

We’ve all experienced at least one. We would spend whole afternoons dressing her up, making her out to be a princess or a spy, combing her long hair, making tattoos with a Bic pen, or, in the case of being captured by a raptus nave, decapitating her head. Even in front of the meanest children, she was unfazed and continued to live. Barbie, who was … Continue reading Barbie’s urban legend

What Michelle Obama’s most recent outfits are trying to tell us

A Roksanda x Fila jacket, high-waisted black pants over an asymmetrical light blue bodysuit by Christy Rilling, black pointed ankle boots by Stuart Weitzman, and long, half-braided pigtails might resemble BeyoncĂ©’s ensemble on a quiet New York afternoon, but this is most definitely not what Michelle Obama would wear to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta to promote her new book, The Light We Carry. But … Continue reading What Michelle Obama’s most recent outfits are trying to tell us

Snogging hard is the new trend

There have been so many changes lately. One of these, at least in the United States, is the well-known PDA explosion, which stands for “public display of affection” and refers to essentially to all the many embraces, kisses, and cheeky touch that are well placed on some part of their body in front of the public. This kind of expansiveness is rather common now a … Continue reading Snogging hard is the new trend